Wir haben eine Lesebrille geschaffen, welche den Zweck voll erfüllt und Träger sowie Trägerinnen von Figoline begeistert. Figoline ist leicht, flach, biegbar und benötigt dank dem raffinierten Drehgelenk kein Etui mehr. Figoline steckt man einfach ins offene Hemd oder in die Brust- oder Hosentasche , so ist sie stehts überall griffbereit. Figoline bietet guten Tragkomfort und das Hochwertige Material führt zu keinen Allergien.

Figoline was founded in Switzerland in 2011 from Johannes and Eliane (father and daughter).

This invention came true because Eliane's father lost and broke all the time his reading glasses. So Eliane came the idea, created a functional reading glass with nice design for everybody needs.

Figoline is made with a very flexible and resistant material (TR90) that won't break, very thin that you can stow it everywhere. The lenses are with anti reflex, and the special swivel makes the temple cover and protect the lenses.

They wanted to have a product that makes the difference between the others similar products already on the market and they made it.

You can buy Figoline  only on the worldwide optical market over 35 countries.


Swissmore Holding AG,  Langweid 4 CH-6333 Hünenberg See

Telefon +41 41 397 04 74                                FAX +41 41 397 04 75  

Mobile +41 79 874 17 73


Deutschland : Glasses & More Michael Schweitzer

Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 5  D-89349 Burtenbach Germany

+ 49 176 559 18602   / + 49 8285 999 71 62

www.figoline.com   info@figoline.com


FIGOLINE  The amazing reading glass!

OPTI München  Halle C3 / Stand 326 A



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